Being TrailDog is hard work.  And huge fun.  Plus I get to run  the place!

My typical day would start with being dropped at the Trail Park and having to chase all the chickens (spotted and brown) off the track.  Then to do the big sniff to check who has been there in my absence and mark all the poles and trees.  With the hard part done for the day, time to get excited when the fun part starts with the rolling out the Purple Bike from the Green Container to check out the track.

How it all started:  I got picked from the road when I was still puppy and a few years later I find myself in doggy heaven with trails to run and new places to explore.  From the bumps and berms of the Pump Track to the more technical sharp twists and turns of the Cross Country Track.  There is always fun waiting out there.  And then there are all the trails on the farm, some district roads and even the beach.  A whole world out there to explore and enjoy in one place!

Over time I will introduce you to everybody at the Trail Park (and surrounds) and even more important to all the places where you (humans) can run (like I do) or ride with your bicycles.